Q: What is the Aura?
A: The Aura is the Electromagnetic energy field that exists within the body and extends several feet beyond it.
It reflects the physical, mental and emotional state of the body at the time it is measured.

Q: What are the Chakras?
A: Chakra is a word in Sanskrit used by Hindus for thousands of years that literally means “Wheel of Light". Generally when someone refers to the Chakras he or she is referring to the 7 major energy centers in the body. The Chakras are always located in the same area of the body and always vibrate at the same color frequency in each person. The size and shape of the Chakras vary from person to person and indicate different health and emotional conditions of the body.

Q: Have the Aura and Chakras been scientifically proven?
A: Absolutely. Dr. Valerie Hunt who at the time was Chairman of the Department of Kinesiology at UCLA conducted a lengthy study that was able to measure the frequencies of the human energy field.
This study, known as the Rolf Study, also provided evidence that this large electromagnetic field is generated by the smaller internal vortices of energy - the Chakras.

Q: How can the Aura and Chakras be seen outside of a science laboratory?
A: Aura photography. For many years an instant camera and a hand sensor was used to view the Aura. Today the technology has taken a giant leap. Aura/Chakra imaging uses a bio-feedback system built around the technology developed for the Rolf  Study.
Full Circle Aura uses the latest bio-feedback imaging system that displays the Aura and Chakras live, on screen and shows the subtle changes that take place in real time.

In addition showing the Aura surrounding the head area the Bio-feedback system is able to display the full body aura with the 7 Chakras. At the same time the system measures and presents a bio-data analysis, stress reduction graph, energy level, aura size and color analysis. Each person is given a 22 page color print out of the information.
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